Please Join Me on My Mission to Help Keep the Children in our Local Communities Safe!

The goal of this fundraiser is to supply FREE safety I.D. kits to every child in our local communities, along with providing FREE educational materials and support for keeping our schools drug-free and to also prevent another child from being bullied.

I am a former social worker and crisis counselor who is currently freelance writing on these very issues!  I am also a mom of 3 young children myself and am well aware that there is not enough being done to keep our kids safe.  From my professional experience, as well as personal, I know that many children are facing safety issues and are not equipped with the proper coping mechanisms and resources to live a more confident and secure life.

I Am Seeking Donations—In Any Amount

To help me start distributing Child Safety ID Kits free of charge to the children in your own community, I am looking for donations towards the purchase of these kits. Each kit will include:

  • Fingerprint Chart with Ink Strip
  • Freezer-Safe Bag for Hair Sample or Cheek Swab
  • Dental Chart
  • Space for a Photo Insertion
  • 2 Pages of Safety Tips for Children and Parents

*** The cost of these kits are $2.34 each. This includes PA Sales Tax & Shipping. Also…if you donate towards a bulk order of 100 or more, I can have your name or business logo printed on every single kit!  Remember…with your donation, you will also have a say as to where you want your child safety kits to be delivered to—anywhere in the U.S.! ***

Donations will also be used towards:

  • Educational materials and public speakers to be given at schools and/or community events to help children face the ever-growing crisis of bullying and recreational drug use.
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Fliers
  • Stamps
  • Booth Fees for Community Events


What You Will Get With Your Donation:

  • You designate what you want your donation to be used towards and to where it is sent.
  • Name recognition on the website with any link back to you of your choosing.
  • Continuous updates as to where the donations have been used, as well as progress updates on fundraising efforts.
  • A feeling like you’ve never felt before knowing that you were a part of this mission to keep the children in your community safe!


** Please help spread the word and share the links below to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well!  The faster word spreads about this, the sooner our kids will benefit! ***

Choose From the Following Giving Levels

(Or Any Monetary Donation of Your Choosing):


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